The limited supply of Bitcoin really doesn’t matter to Dennis Gartman, a market commentator

Dennis Gartman is still not convinced that Bitcoin will not fall to zero.

Bitcoin (BTC) has won over several financial gurus in 2020 in the context of a difficult year for the U.S. economy. However, some market experts, such as Dennis Gartman, remain skeptical about the digital asset.

Managing Director of TradingView explains the basis for Bitcoin’s continued optimism

Gold and Crypto Code are not really equivalent, according to Gartman’s interview on Tuesday with Bloomberg. „Gold has been around for thousands of years, Bitcoin has been around for 20 years,“ he said. Gartman published a series of financial commentaries over 30 years, called The Gartman Letter.

But Bitcoin hasn’t existed for 20 years. The asset’s pseudonymous creator, Satoshi Nakamoto, published the written framework for Bitcoin in 2008, and the asset was officially launched on the web in 2009.

JPMorgan: Bitcoin is ‚overbought‘ and poses an unfavorable scenario for the price of gold

„Bitcoin is the gold of the Millenials, I understand that, I understand that,“ said Gartman. „I’ll never understand Bitcoin in terms of being able to buy it at $10,000, $15,000, $20,000; I’ll leave it to the people who are wiser, smarter or braver than me.

As many have projected before him, Gartman believes that the price of Bitcoin will eventually fall. „I fear that once, in the not too distant future, the monetary authorities, the various central banks around the world, will refuse to give up their monopoly on monetary policy and intervene one day and Bitcoin will be at zero,“ he said, adding:

„But can it get to $100,000 before that? John Maynard Keynes once said that the market can remain illogical for longer than you or I can remain solvent, and right now it seems totally illogical to me.

Can gold and Bitcoin coexist? Goldman Sachs answers yes

However, Gartman showed no resentment against Bitcoin market participants, simply explaining that he prefers gold to digital currency. He also mentioned the limited supply of Bitcoin and the arguments for the expected increase in the asset price as a result. „Now there are what, 7,000 different crypto-currencies out there,“ he added, postulating:

„There’s an infinite amount of finite quantities of coins, so I think the fun, the joy, the enthusiasm for Bitcoin and cryptomontages will eventually die.

Bitcoin hits the front page of The Wall Street Journal

On the opposite side of Gartman’s sentiment, 2020 has seen a growing trend of traditional financial players allocating capital to Bitcoin.

Bitcoin drops below $ 18K – but analyst thinks massive breakout is possible soon

Bitcoin is currently in a consolidation process and is struggling to control its near-term outlook.

The medium-term performance of the cryptocurrency is likely to depend on whether the bulls can push it back above $ 19,000, as that was a crucial level for BTC.

A sustained trading boom down here could open the gates to serious losses, but many factors work hard in favor of cryptocurrency

One trader believes that BTC’s consolidation channel is about to lose its place, which could mean that a massive upward push is imminent.

For this to take effect, the cryptocurrency has to keep making higher lows.

Bitcoin has gotten caught up in intense sideways trading in the past few weeks.

This is because the resistance in the upper $ 19,000 region is still quite high, while buying pressure remains strong in the mid-US $ 18,000 region.

Bitcoin’s consolidation phase has narrowed a lot recently, which could be a sign that a massive move is imminent in the near future.

One trader believes that a massive move is imminent in the near future as the cryptocurrency channel is rapidly narrowing.

Bitcoin is struggling to stay above $ 19,000 with increasing selling pressure

Bitcoin is currently trading at $ 18,000. Overnight, the cryptocurrency quickly fell before it could find any support.

The fact that there is support here is positive and could mean an upturn is imminent in the near future.

The resistance at USD 19,000 is quite strong, however, and converting that level into support has proven to be a difficult task.

Bitcoin’s consolidation channel gets „out of hand“

A trader stated in a tweet that Bitcoin’s consolidation channel is running out of space – which could mean massive volatility is imminent.

He states that BTC will stay in this channel as long as he continues to see lower highs and higher lows. However, this trend can only continue for a certain period of time.

„BTC will continue to refine this area of ​​consolidation … lower highs, higher lows, at some point we will run out of space.“

Bitcoin ‚Too Volatile‘ para ser uma loja de valor: Steve Forbes

O magnata da revista diz que o ouro é um investimento melhor.

Steve Forbes disse que o Bitcoin não é um bom depósito de valor a longo prazo.
Ele recomenda ouro em seu lugar.

De acordo com a Forbes, o limite de fornecimento e a volatilidade da BTC limitam sua utilidade.
De acordo com Steve Forbes, o preço da Bitcoin na verdade se beneficiou da política monetária da FUD.

„O maior impulsionador do boom do Bitcoin é o medo de que o Federal Reserve e outros bancos centrais estejam imprimindo muito dinheiro“, disse Forbes hoje em seu programa no YouTube „What’s Ahead“.

Mas enquanto outros investidores olharam para Bitcoin como uma reserva de valor, o candidato presidencial republicano, que já foi duas vezes candidato à presidência, disse que, em vez disso, ele está atrelando sua carroça ao ouro.

Embora ele não seja um economista treinado, a Forbes cresceu com dinheiro. Seu pai, o empresário Malcolm Forbes, estabeleceu a revista Forbes epônimo que a mais jovem Forbes agora dirige. Steve não acha que Bitcoin seja o investimento certo para manter a fortuna da família.

„Bife num dia, comida para cão no outro, filete no dia seguinte“, disse ele sobre o preço sempre mutável do Bitcoin.

„O bitcoin permanece muito volátil para ser uma reserva de valor a longo prazo, como o ouro tem feito tradicionalmente“, disse ele aos ouvintes. Além disso, ele disse: „O limite arbitrário de fornecimento de Bitcoin dificultará severamente sua utilidade futura“.

Além disso, ele sugeriu que estas qualidades eram de alguma forma diferentes com o ouro. „Quando você vê o preço do dólar do ouro flutuar, o que você está vendo é realmente o valor do próprio dólar mudando“.

Essa é uma maneira de encarar isso.

Ele também disse que o fornecimento de ouro aumenta cerca de 2% a cada ano em média – graças à produção da mineração – tornando-o „raro, mas não muito raro“. Embora ele não tenha mencionado que o fornecimento de ouro na terra não é, de fato, infinito e eventualmente atingirá seu limite, assim como o fornecimento de Bitcoin o fará.

Concluiu Forbes: „À medida que o Bitcoin evolui, ele pode muito bem se tornar o novo ouro, mas esse dia ainda não chegou“.

Pode-se dizer que esse dia será… dourado para a Bitcoin.

L’ETH 2.0 devrait être lancée le 1er décembre après

L’ETH 2.0 devrait être lancée le 1er décembre après une augmentation tardive des dépôts

L’événement phare de la genèse d’Ethereum devrait avoir lieu le 1er décembre, le contrat de dépôt ETH 2.0 ayant atteint plus de 94 % de son objectif à seulement 12 heures de la fin.

Le lancement de la phase 0 de l’ETH 2.0 semble presque certain pour le 1er décembre, le nombre Bitcoin Lifestyle d’éthers transférés dans le contrat de dépôt de l’ETH 2.0 faisant boule de neige à l’approche de l’échéance d’aujourd’hui.

Au moment où nous écrivons ces lignes, près de 499 000 des 524 288 éthers nécessaires pour assurer la genèse de la chaîne de balises du 1er décembre ont été déposés dans le contrat de dépôt d’ETH 2.0, et il reste 11 heures avant l’échéance.

Moins de 32 000 Ether sont maintenant nécessaires et plus que cela a été déposé au cours des six dernières heures seulement. Les dépôts horaires sont passés d’environ 10 000 éthers à plus de 15 000 ETH toutes les 60 minutes.

Les Pundits sont maintenant certains que le lancement de la chaîne de balises de l’ETH 2.0 aura lieu début décembre :

lol à tous ceux qui pensent que le contrat de dépôt de la chaîne de balises n’atteindra pas son minimum.
– Ryan Selkis (@twobitidiot) 23 novembre 2020

Le co-créateur d’Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, s’est également rendu sur Twitter pour célébrer l’afflux de dépôts et rappeler aux gens qu’ils doivent déposer avant l’activation de la chaîne de balises s’ils souhaitent participer à la cohorte de piqueurs de la genèse :

Le contrat de dépôt est à 460k ETH (~87,7% de l’objectif) avec 12 heures restantes jusqu’à l’activation du lancement le plus tôt possible !

(Le lancement aura lieu 7 jours après l’activation ; il faut atteindre 524288 ETH pour l’activation)
– vitalik.eth (@VitalikButerin) 24 novembre 2020

La semaine dernière, la communauté des cryptographes spéculait sur le fait que le contrat de dépôt pourrait ne pas atteindre son objectif avant 2021, avec seulement 50 849 ETH ayant été déposés dans la première semaine du lancement du contrat de dépôt.

Beaucoup s’inquiétaient du fait qu’une faible participation aux mises entraînerait des retards supplémentaires, les détenteurs d’éthers n’étant pas disposés à bloquer leurs jetons sans savoir quand ils pourraient effectuer des retraits.

Actuellement, il est prévu que les parieurs puissent retirer leurs jetons en même temps que le lancement de la „Phase 1.5“ – qui verra la fusion du réseau principal actuel Ethereum avec la nouvelle chaîne de balises et le nouveau système de tessons de l’ETH 2.0. La phase 1.5 devrait être lancée vers la fin de 2021 ou le début de 2022.

L’envolée des dépôts a entraîné une forte volatilité sur le marché des prévisions de Polymarket quant à savoir si la genèse de l’ETH 2.0 aura lieu le 1er décembre, les contrats en faveur de cette évolution passant de 0,36 $ il y a 12 heures à 0,95 $ au moment où nous écrivons ces lignes.

Le lancement imminent de la phase 0 a également entraîné une pression haussière sur les marchés des ETH, l’éther ayant atteint de nouveaux sommets depuis le début de l’année, dépassant 600 dollars au cours des 12 dernières heures. Depuis qu’il a changé de mains pour 135 dollars au début de l’année, l’ETH a gagné près de 350 %.

JP Morgan mówi, że Bitcoin idzie z głową do głowy ze złotem, cena BTC podwoi się lub potroi, jeśli wystąpi ’skromne tłumienie‘.

Amerykański gigant finansowy JP Morgan mówi, że Bitcoin ma potencjał, aby potroić swoją cenę, ponieważ BTC kwestionuje status złota jako alternatywnej waluty.

Chociaż Bitcoin jest nadal stosunkowo małym aktywem klasy z limitem rynkowym w wysokości 242 mld dolarów w porównaniu z wartością rynkową złota wynoszącą 2,6 biliona dolarów, krypto waluta może potencjalnie konkurować z metalem szlachetnym jako preferowaną walutą alternatywną, mówi JP Morgan w raporcie Business Insider.

Aby dogonić dominującą pozycję rynkową złota, Bitcoin musiałby zwiększyć swoją obecną wartość 10-krotnie. Ale nawet niewielki spadek różnicy w stosunku do złota mógłby mieć znaczący wpływ na cenę Bitcoin, mówi JP Morgan.

„Nawet niewielkie wyparcie złota jako ‚alternatywnej‘ waluty w dłuższej perspektywie oznaczałoby podwojenie lub potrojenie ceny Bitcoina“.

Według JP Morgana, kluczową siłą napędową wzrostu BTC jest zmiana demograficzna, w której młode pokolenia wybierają Bitcoin zamiast złota.

„Potencjalny długoterminowy wzrost Bitcoin Profit jest znaczny, ponieważ bardziej intensywnie konkuruje on ze złotem jako ‚alternatywną‘ walutą, jak sądzimy, biorąc pod uwagę, że tysiąclecia staną się z czasem ważniejszym składnikiem wszechświata inwestorów“.

Bankowy gigant mówi również, że Bitcoin ma dodatkową cechę, która może zwiększyć jego wartość w przyszłości.

„Waluty kryptońskie uzyskują wartość nie tylko dlatego, że służą jako magazyny bogactwa, ale także ze względu na ich użyteczność jako środków płatniczych. Im więcej podmiotów gospodarczych zaakceptuje waluty kryptograficzne jako środek płatniczy w przyszłości, tym większa będzie ich użyteczność i wartość“.

Obecne bycze stanowisko JP Morgana w sprawie Bitcoinu wydaje się być zwrotem o 180 stopni w stosunku do ich poprzedniej pozycji. W 2017 roku, prezes JP Morgan, Jamie Dimon, nazwał Bitcoin „oszustwem“ i powiedział, że jest „gorszy od tulipanów“.

La resistenza al Bitcoin su PayPal è già iniziata

Il nuovo servizio di criptovaluta di PayPal permetterà ai suoi utenti di detenere BTC. Ma alcuni pensano che questo non sia il punto di Bitcoin.

PayPal sta introducendo una funzione per l’acquisto e la vendita di cripto.
Il prezzo del Bitcoin è salito alle stelle, con la speculazione che l’adozione di massa è dietro l’angolo.
Tuttavia, PayPal sta togliendo diverse caratteristiche salienti del Bitcoin dal suo prodotto.

Questa mattina è arrivata la notizia che PayPal, la società che ha dato il via all’industria del trasferimento di denaro online, inizierà a permettere agli utenti di acquistare Bitcoin attraverso la sua applicazione e il suo sito web.

Alcuni hanno salutato la mossa come un momento decisivo per l’adozione del Bitcoin e i mercati delle criptovalute hanno risposto favorevolmente, con il prezzo di BTC che oggi ha brevemente raggiunto i 13.000 dollari. Ma altri pensano che la prossima funzionalità di PayPal sia un brutto look per la più grande crittovaluta del mondo, soprattutto a causa di ciò che le manca.
PayPal per lanciare le funzionalità di acquisto e vendita di crittografia

La nuova funzionalità di PayPal permetterà agli utenti negli Stati Uniti di acquistare, vendere e tenere Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum e Litecoin sulla sua piattaforma.

Ma mancano alcune cose, per cominciare, le chiavi private. Anche se questo è qualcosa di cui gli utenti di scambio non possono farsi beffe, potrebbero essere più preoccupati del fatto che „il cripto nel tuo conto non può essere trasferito su altri conti su o fuori PayPal“. Che è qualcosa che ci si aspetterebbe da un bene che si suppone sia di sua proprietà.
Ascolta il podcast giornaliero di Decrypt

La vostra dose quotidiana di notizie, apprendimento, gossip e discussioni sulla crittovaluta.

Il CEO di Blockstream Adam Back e Dan Held di Kraken hanno sottolineato che PayPal potrebbe seguire l’esempio di altre piattaforme, come eToro, e aggiungere funzionalità di prelievo a posteriori.

Tuttavia, per il momento la proposta di PayPal è come Bitcoin senza Bitcoin.

Così, secondo Casa CTO Jameson Lopp, non è proprio cripto che PayPal mette a disposizione, ma IOU. In altre parole, e ditelo con me, non le vostre chiavi, non le vostre monete.

SatoshiLabs, il creatore del portafoglio hardware Trezor, non ha perso tempo a dire alla gente di non usare PayPal per Bitcoin (che, ovviamente, avrebbe inciso sulla loro offerta principale).

„Quando un marchio familiare come PayPal inizia a vendere Bitcoin, probabilmente non è perché vuole stimolare una sana adozione“, ha detto in un post del blog.

E ha continuato: „L’unico motivo per possedere Bitcoin che non può essere utilizzato sarebbe quello di investire a lungo termine, cosa che è incredibilmente imprudente da fare quando i tuoi fondi sono detenuti da terzi, o speculare sul suo prezzo, il che, ancora una volta, introdurrebbe le masse a meccanismi finanziari che non capiscono“.

  • BTC
  • +23.16% $12974.58
  • 24H7D1M1YMax
  • Sep 22Sep 26Sep 26Sep 30Oct 4Oct 8Oct 8Oct 12Oct 16Oct 201000010500110011000115001200120001250013000
  • Prezzo BTC

L’amministratore delegato di Ripple, Brad Garlinghouse, ha ammesso che è stato „fantastico vedere un pioniere dei pagamenti che si appoggia a lui“, ma ha osservato che è stato „deludente [che] alcuni principi fondamentali/benefici della crittografia sono stati respinti“. Ha poi fatto perno su un ritornello comune a Ripple, ipotizzando che PayPal rimanga cauto a causa dell’incertezza normativa di crypto all’interno degli Stati Uniti. (I dirigenti di Ripple hanno dichiarato pubblicamente che stanno considerando di trasferire la società al di fuori degli Stati Uniti).

Se Garlinghouse ha ragione, allora ci si potrebbe ragionevolmente aspettare che le funzioni di criptovaluta di PayPal si evolvano e si espandano, come sembrano fare Back and Held. Infatti, l’anno prossimo, PayPal prevede di consentire agli utenti di utilizzare effettivamente Bitcoin per i pagamenti, anche se i commercianti riceveranno dollari piuttosto che BTC.

Indipendentemente da ciò, queste linee di battaglia sono state tracciate in precedenza, e continueranno a dividere gli utenti di criptovaluta. Tuttavia, la domanda è: quando altri giganti come PayPal entreranno in gioco (e forse faranno salire il prezzo), quante persone si schiereranno con Lopp dall’altra parte?

Dapper Labs raises $ 18 million for Flow, its blockchain focused on NFTs

Startup behind CryptoKitties and NBA Top Shot, Dapper Labs has just raised $ 18 million for the development of Flow, its blockchain focused on non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Dapper Labs , creator of CryptoKitties and a startup known for creating blockchain- based entertainment experiences , has just completed its public fundraiser

In order to support the development of its own blockchain, Flow , Dapper Labs just collected $ 18 million from 13,200 participants . This fundraising took place on CoinList , a platform for investing in blockchain projects.

This sale gave investors the opportunity to purchase FLOW tokens, the native blockchain asset that is used by validators, developers and network users.

The sale took place in two phases: a community sale and an auction. The community sale ran from September 21 to October 2, and each investment was capped at $ 1,000 , or 10,000 FLOW .

The tokens obtained through this sale are subject to a blocking period of 2 years, during which half will be released at the end of the 1st year and the rest during the 2nd year in a linear fashion.

In the second sale, investors submitted bids over a 12-day period to share 2% of the Genesis block, or 25 million FLOW . During this uncapped sale, the price of the FLOW token closed at $ 0.38 .

An already resounding success

Dapper Labs‘ new flagship game, NBA Top Shot , is already enjoying great success. During its private beta, the blockchain game notably generated more than $ 2 million in revenue for Dapper Labs.

Open to the public since October 1, NBA Top Shot already attracts a large number of basketball fans and offers significant visibility to the world of NFTs .

After the explosion of decentralized finance (DeFi), the crypto-sphere seems to be turning to the world of NFTs, true digital collectibles in blockchain sauce.

At the heart of NFTs since the creation of CryptoKitties in 2017, Dapper Labs is one of the players most inclined to benefit from a potential increase in visibility in this sector.

This significant fundraising for its Flow blockchain is therefore not so surprising, as it focuses on the creation of solutions adapted to NFTs.

Last August, Dapper Labs had already raised $ 12 million for NBA Top Shot from the investment arm of Coinbase , Andreessen Horowitz , and several NBA stars.

Dapper Labs is now a long way from its flagship creation, CryptoKitties. The startup is now tackling a whole section of the blockchain, namely NFTs. With Flow, creating and implementing NFTs in applications is made much easier, which encourages developers to implement them in their games .

Mostly created on Ethereum , NFTs are enjoying a breath of fresh air with the deployment of Flow, this blockchain providing a cheaper and more scalable alternative for these digital objects.

Monero Holds Above $ 100 Despite Its Retracement

There is support at $ 96, and resistance at $ 119.

XMR price is likely in the fifth wave of a bullish momentum.

The XMR / BTC pair has resistance at 0.014₿

The Trust Project is an international consortium of news organizations based on transparency standards.

The course Monero (XMR) exceeded the area of $ 96 , and was validated as support. The technical indicators are bullish, and support a continuous rise towards the next resistance zones indicated at continuation.

Long term movement

XMR price is moving above the old resistance of $ 96. The latter has previously rejected four attempts to cross. The price has finally validated it as support and is now preparing for the next resistance, located at $ 119.

The three-day RSI generated bearish divergences, but broke the trendline of divergence during the most recent rise.

The daily chart shows a very long lower wick created on October 2, which is a sign of buying pressure. Additionally, the October 2 close was above the previous August 21 high. The current movement is therefore a new test of this resistance zone.

Technical indicators are bullish. The Stochastic Oscillator has formed a bullish cross and is found rising. The RSI and MACD are also on the rise, and the MACD has turned positive. These are all signs that price should continue to move up towards the aforementioned resistance zone.

The long-term account for XMR suggests the course is in wave C of corrective ABC training (blank below). Based on the length of wave A, a plausible target for the top of the current rise would be between $ 157 and $ 166, which is between the 1.382 fibonacci length of wave A, and the 0.5 fibonacci level of l. entire previous decline.

A shorter wave C, which would only be the length of wave A, would end near $ 120.

The shorter-term chart shows price is in the last sub-wave (in blue) of the fifth wave (in black) within the aforementioned C wave.

Using various fibonacci levels, we get similar goals between $ 149 and $ 155.

Finally, the shorter term chart shows a full boost, which would be the minor sub-wave within the 5th sub-wave mentioned above (both are shown in blue). If the count is correct, the price would retrace for some time back to $ 88, which is the 0.618 fibonacci level of the previous decline. It should then resume its upward movement.

Cryptocurrency trader @Cryptoelite shared an XMR / BTC chart showing the still ongoing exit of an accumulation channel, as well as a large moving average.

The price of the XMR / BTC pair has been accumulating near 0.0065₿ since the start of February. It started to move upward in July, and is now moving towards its next resistance zone, located at 0.014₿.

The technical indicators are bullish, suggesting that the price will manage to reach this zone. The Stochastic Oscillator has formed a bullish cross and is found higher, as have the RSI and MACD.

ANALYSEBitcoin SV, Augur, VeChain Analyse des prix : 03 octobre

La dernière baisse de prix sur le marché de la cryptographie a vu le prix de la plus grande monnaie de cryptographie au monde, le Bitcoin, plonger vers le niveau de 10 400 $, un mouvement qui a signalé des signes inquiétants de divergence baissière sur les graphiques.

En fait, Bitcoin SV a enregistré une divergence baissière au cours de la séance de négociation de la journée, dans un scénario de forte sortie de capitaux sur le marché de la BSV. Plus bas dans la crypto-fosse, Augur et VeChain ont eu du mal à reprendre un volume ou un élan significatif.

Bitcoin SV [BSV]

Bitcoin SV a été vu se négocier en dessous de son niveau de support immédiat de 159,84 dollars, après une baisse substantielle de 8 % de sa valeur depuis hier.

Cependant, au moment de la rédaction de ce rapport, le BSV a trouvé un support proche de 159,84 $, un niveau qui coïncide avec une courte hausse de l’indice de force relative. Malgré cela, le niveau global du RSI a continué à afficher une pression de vente.

L’indicateur des flux monétaires de Chaikin était bien en dessous de zéro et était également baissier, le volume des sorties de capitaux étant supérieur au volume des entrées.

Le BSV a plongé en dessous de son niveau de référence à 166,26 dollars au cours des dernières 48 heures, car la pièce semble avoir été prise dans une vente massive, fortement déclenchée par une baisse de 500 dollars constatée par Bitcoin.

Augur [REP]

Les barres vertes de l’oscillateur Awesome sous la ligne zéro indiquaient que le marché des REP à court terme avait tendance à être plus faible que le marché à long terme. Cependant, un croisement au-dessus de zéro pourrait signaler un renversement de tendance, confirmant une hausse du sentiment d’achat.

L’élargissement des bandes de Bollinger indiquait un pic dans les niveaux de volatilité, et dans le cas d’une hausse du sentiment de vente, l’action baissière sur les prix pourrait pousser le prix vers le support immédiat de 13,03 $.

Toutefois, dans un scénario alternatif, une baisse potentielle des niveaux de volatilité dans les jours à venir pourrait faire osciller le prix entre les niveaux de soutien immédiat et de résistance de 14,023 $ et 13,03 $.

Par ailleurs, les utilisateurs d’Augur ont parié près de 111 000 dollars sur les élections présidentielles américaines après le récent débat sur le Biden-Trump.

VeChain [VET]

La VeChaine (EFP) avait chuté de plus de 12 % depuis le début du mois d’octobre, au moment de la rédaction, l’EFP se situant alors autour de 0,01 $. Depuis début septembre, l’actif numérique a bondi entre des hauts et des bas, ce qui n’est pas un signe très rassurant pour le marché de l’EFP.

Cette évolution a été soutenue par des niveaux de volatilité élevés, ainsi que par l’évolution rapide des volumes échangés, comme le montre le bas du graphique.

La VeChain devrait s’attendre à d’autres tendances à la baisse, car les lignes pointillées du RAS parabolique ont été vues au-dessus des bougies. Les investisseurs haussiers pourraient attendre que le prix passe au-dessus du niveau pivot de 0,012 $ pour faire de nouvelles entrées.

Binance Lists Wrapped-BItcoin (WBTC) te midden van de snelgroeiende DeFi Hype

Decentrale FInance heeft de vorige ICO-hype, met zijn uitzonderlijke 15-voudige groei, nu gewoon in het niet gedaan, een groeiend aantal blockchains en crypto-exchanges hebben hun zinnen gezet op DeFi. Een van deze zijn de wereldwijd bekende Binance, die twee deze maand vermeld. Een daarvan is Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC).

Binance, een van de meest herkenbare crypto beurzen, met het hoogste aandeel van het handelsvolume, achtervolgt de voortdurende DeFi hype. Binance heeft onlangs de notering van een andere Defi-token, gebruikt voor onderpand, genaamd Wrapped-Bitcoin (WBTC), aangekondigd. Deze notering wordt gezien als Binance die inspeelt op de stijgende vraag naar zowel de token als de DeFi-munten.

Wrapped-Bitcoin is een ERC-20 gebaseerd penningstoestel dat gebruikt wordt als een vorm van onderpand in het defi-ecosysteem. Volgens de aankondiging van de beurs zou de WBTC-penning vanaf 31 augustus beschikbaar zijn voor het betreden van de beurs. De waarde van het WBTC is gekoppeld aan de waarde van een bitcoin.

De WBTC-munt was een samenwerkingsverband van grote spelers in de ruimte, zoals BitGo, Ren, Dharma, Kyber Network, Compound, MakerDAO en het Set Protocol. Het doel van het creëren van de WBTC-munt was om meer liquiditeit te bieden in het defi-ecosysteem.

De WBTC-munt staat op de lijst van Ethereum en Bitcoin Loophole voor handel, en gebruikers op het platform kunnen direct beginnen met investeren en handelen.

Hoe zal het WBTC functioneren?

Decentralized Finance (Defi) is het gesprek van de cryptowereld geworden in 2020, toen de markt exponentieel groeide in de eerste helft van 2020. Defi-protocollen maken gebruik van Collateral Debt Position (CDP), waarbij gebruikers Ether of ERC-20 gebaseerde tokens als onderpand kunnen gebruiken en de lening kunnen intrekken in een stabiele munt.

Toen de populariteit van het defi ecosysteem groeide en meer beleggers zich in het ecosysteem gingen wagen, werd liquiditeit een probleem. Als gevolg daarvan gingen de grote spelers op zoek naar verschillende manieren om liquiditeit aan te bieden, en de ERC-20 penning ontstond als de beste weddenschap.

WBTC werd al snel heel populair onder beleggers, en op een gegeven moment was de hoeveelheid gewikkelde bitcoin in defi-protocollen beduidend meer dan de hoeveelheid bitcoin in het bliksemnetwerk.

Van Binance is bekend dat het alle aspecten van het crypto-ecosysteem verovert en het heeft zich bewezen op zowel de spotmarkt als de termijnhandelsmarkt. Gezien de groeiende interesse van de beurs in de defi, zou het geen grote verrassing zijn als Binance in de nabije toekomst als een van de belangrijkste spelers voor het defi ecosysteem naar voren komt.